Born and raised Illinois, Zach Berkman began singing at a young age, performing at home, in school, and in synagogue. After regretfully quitting violin and piano lessons as a child, he found a new passion for music through records he loved and waking up early to hear Casey Kasem count down the top 40 on Sunday mornings. Zach began teaching himself guitar and soon after, began writing songs. 

After moving to Chicago for high school, Berkman started playing open mics and shows at Uncommon Ground. He went on to study audio engineering and music business at NYU's Clive Davis Institute and worked as an assistant engineer at Jazz at Lincoln Center for XM radio. 

Zach found success as a songwriter with the Platinum-selling hit "A Drop in the Ocean," which he co-wrote with Ron Pope. He has toured extensively in the US and Europe and played in and produced records for The District. Zach also founded Gingerbomb, an all-redhead band with Megan Burtt. 

As a producer, co-writer, and audio engineer, Zach has created hundreds of songs and counting. He has released eight albums, three EPs, and many singles, and his songs have been featured in film and television, most recently ABC’s Station 19. 

Zach is signed to Concord Music Publishing and Brooklyn Basement Records and currently resides in Nashville, where he continues to write, produce, and perform music, and create pen and ink sketches at nearly every concert he attends.